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This activity is carried out from Pune office as well as the branch offices situated at Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Besides branch offices, it has own sales personnel stationed in Kolkata and Chennai to cater to the needs of Indian customers through out India for their import requirements.

Fillunger represents world renowned manufacturers / suppliers of various industrial raw materials, components and equipments.

Few of our principals are mentioned below with their product range.

Raw Material  
Electronic Components  
Machinery / Equipments  
Raw Material  
M/s. Becromal s.p.a., Italy  

Manufacturers of etched and formed aluminium foil for electrolytic capacitors. They can supply following types of aluminium foils.

  • Low voltage foils
  • High voltage foils
  • Medium voltage foils
  • Motor start foils
  • Cathode foils
  • Tab foils
    They also supply alumina (aluminium oxide) powder to be used as a releasing agent in moulds etc.
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M/s. Schlenk Metallfolien GmbH, Germany

Manufacturers of thin and ultra-thin non-ferrous metal foils mainly made of copper and copper alloys (Brass, Bronze, CuNi), Nickel, Silver and Nickel-Silever in thicknesses between 5mic to 500mic & widths between 0.8mm to 650mm.

Surface-claddings with Tin, Tin-solder, Silver & Aluminium. Cu treated Copper foils for FPCs & Batteries. Nickel-platign.

For more details, please refer site www.schlenk.de

M/s. Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd., U.K.

Manufacturers of small quantities of metals and material for research, development, prototype work and design. Their product range includes all the pure metals from aluminium to zirconium as well as their alloys in the form of rod, wire and foil. They also supply ceramic materials, polymers, aluminides, borides and silicides as well as other intermetallics and compounds.

For more details, please refer site www.goodfellow.com

  M/s Coroplast Fritz Muller GmbH & Co. kg  

Manufacturer of Technical adhesive tapes for Wiring Harness, Wires & cables & wiring systems & Flexible Printed Circuits.

For more details please visit the web site www.coroplast.de

Electronic Components  
M/s. Tadiran Batteries Ltd., Israel

Manufacturers of lithium inorganic batteries like thionyl chloride, lithium sulphur dioxide cells / batteries for variety of industrial applications like electronic energy meters, water meters, weighing systems as well as space & defence related applications.

For more details, please refer site www.tadiranbat.com  
Machinery / Equipments  
M/s. Roth & Rau AG, Germany

Manufacturers of plasma sources & customised ion beam process equipments and ion beam sources for advanced research and production.

For more details, please refer site www.roth-rau.de

M/s Intellemetrics Global Ltd, UK
Manufacturers of quartz and optical thickness monitor / controllers.

For more details, please refer site www.intellemetrics.com

M/s. Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte.Ltd., Singapore

Manufacturers of precision cutting (Wafer Dicer / Dicing saw / Laser cutting), grinding and polishing machines for semiconductors applications and precision diamond abrasive tools (Dicing blades, grinding wheels and Polishing wheels / pads). .

For more details, please refer site www.disco.co.jp

  XYZ Tec BV, Germany  

XYZTEC is a high technology based company, applying mechatronics and electronics, advanced precision mechanics and dedicated software to design innovative equipment that is used to control the quiality of industrial products.

Their equipment is used world wide in the semiconductor, automotive and raw material industry.

For more details, please visit the web site www.xyztec.com

  Lintec Corporation, Japan  

Lintec has built a unique position in electronics with combinations of advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies precision processing technologies and system development technologies

Semiconductor related tapes and equipment's.

For more details, please visit the web site www.lintec-global.com

  SPT Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore  

SPT is the world leading manufacturer of Semiconductor Bonding Tools.

Bonding Capillaries, Die Bonding & Dispensing Tools, Flip Chip Handling Tools, Wedge Bonding Tools and Single Point – TAB Bonding Tools.

For more details, please visit the web site www.smallprecisiontools.com

  SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o., Czech Republic  

SVCS Process Innovation designs and manufacturers batch horizontal furnace s for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. The furnaces, both of atmospheric and LPCVD processes, are out-standing because of the quality of selected components, long term experience of our engineers, and competitive prices.

Oxidation/Diffusion, LPCVD, PECVD Furnace.

High Purity Gas Delivery System.

For more details, please visit the web site www.svcs.cz

  Shinkawa Ltd., Japan  

Shinkawa is reshaping the semiconductor industry with unique products, technology and customer support as the leader in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The total manufacturer in the world who offers all the equipment required for bonding, including die bonders and flip chip bonders as well as wire bonders.

Automatic Die & Wire Bonder Solutions.

For more details, please visit the web site www.shinkawa.com

  DR.TRESKY AG., Switzerland  

Tresky has been perfecting the art of creating handling and pick & place systems. Starting from manual to automatic , from adhesive to tools, exactly as per customer's need. The modular setup of our system allows adapting various basic systems with countless options for new process.

Manual , Semiautomatic Die Bonder Solutions.

For more details, please visit the web site www.tresky.com

  TPT Wire Bonder GmbH Co & KG., Germany  

TPT Wire Bonder manufactures semi-automatic & manual wire bonders with over 30 years of experience in bonding technology. Our bonders stand out with intuitive operation, innovation and optimal performance. Our customers include the world’s leading companies and universities.

Manual , Semiautomatic Wire Bonder Solutions.

For more details, please visit the web site www.tpt-wirebonder.com

  Corial., France  

CORIAL is a company that designs and manufactures plasma etching and deposition systems with innovative processes dedicated to LED, OLED, MEMS and semiconductor compounds.


For more details, please visit the web site www.corial.net

  Modutek Corp., USA  

MODUTEK – Your premier semiconductor manufacturing equipment & wet bench solutions provider. The company prides itself on 30+ years of continuous operation in providing semiconductor manufacturing solutions. This experience gives you the reliability you deserve.

Wet Chemical Station, Fume Hood, Megasonic Cleaning etc.

For more details, please visit the web site www.modutek.com

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